Do You want our Paradise turned into a Jet Port?

Close Oxnard Airport?

The Mayor of Oxnard supports the closure.

Would you like to have the airport closed?

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Click Here to Read   The Jets Are Coming...  An important article written by Shores Attorney Timothy Clifford Riley, alerting us that the expanding service at the Oxnard Airport is currently on a collision course with our property values and our quality of life.  

Click Here To Read   LA Times Editorial about the Oxnard Airport Controversy written by Shores Attorney Timothy Clifford Riley as appeared in the LOS ANGELES TIMES, along with responding Letters To the Editor submitted by your Shores neighbors.  

Close The Airport? Cast your VOTE below.

Yes, if jets are allowed to land

Yes, if it's not making Oxnard money

Yes, if planes fly over our homes

Yes, if the airlines have a poor safety record

No, my property values are too high

No, I wear earplugs anyway

No, I'm in the springtime of my senility

Yes, yes, yes

I need more information


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  angel morphing into a B52 bomber--into an angel     Do You want to Help keep our Paradise from becoming a JET PORT?  

Contact Consumer Protection Attorney 

Timothy Clifford Riley  

He is Knowledgeable about Airport Issues.


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