Mandalay Shores Community Association
Dedicated to protect and enhance property values
FALL, 2000

Hello Fellow Homeowners

Once again it's time to prepare for another election. Hence this (There was no summer edition of this due mainly to the fact that there were no contributions from the residents and also because your editor was busy with other matters and didn't pursue the issue.)
       President's Message
       Underground Update
       Our Own Y2K+1 Election
       2001 Proposed Budget
       More About Those Entrance Signs
       MSCA Boardmembers

Underground Utilities

Most of you must have noticed that the poles are down on the South half of the Shores and have been stripped for removal on the North half (by the time you read this, those poles may also be down). That ends a five year endeavor by a handful of devoted residents, your Association Board and the Neighborhood Council's Bodine Elias.

Entrance Signs

Your Board has also requested, from the City of Oxnard, permission to install monuments (signs) on the existing wall at the four intersections on Harbor Blvd., where the median strip allows for north and south access and egress: Beachcomber, Wooley, Nautilus and Oceanaire, as well as one for the entrance to the Dunes at Beachcomber (at our expense).
However, because of bureaucratic red tape, a matter that can be simply granted, is being stonewalled.

    During the last few years, your Board of Directors voted for the funding of many community projects. Some, but not all are: Night Patrol; playground equipment at Neptune; doggie-doo bag dispensers along Mandalay Beach; pruning of the palm trees along Harbor Blvd. and the walkway cleanups. (the latter two with the co­operation of the City)
    This year your Board has approved funds for the placement of signs on the wall at the four main entrances to our community. We hired a monument sign contractor to apply for the permit from the City, just as any of you would apply for a permit to add or remodel your home. The problem here is that the wall at Harbor Blvd. does not belong to us.
    We have met with several City officials. At first, all they wanted was assurance that we would maintain the signs in perpetuity and one or two related conditions, all of which we are prepared to do and comply with. Then it got bogged down in bureaucratic hyperbole as witnessed at the latest meeting at the school where all of you were invited.
    It boils down to this: The City has never recognized our name change to Mandalay Shores and a simple permission to mount the signs on their wall, which a reasonable non-bureaucratic entity could easily grant, has run into one barrier after another. Instead they now want us to hold more meetings and surveys about the name change (which they now say is a planning commission matter requiring expenditures of up to $9,000), even though we've had two such polls -- each resulting in an 85% majority in favor. By golly, we can elect a President with a one percent majority, but we need to prove, over and over again, that we favor a simple name change.
    What can we do? Raise Hell? I'm so mad, I could spit. If you have a better plan, let's hear it. One is that we buy the wall from the City for a symbolic $1.00. After all, we granted them the beachfront for nothing. Any other?

2001 Proposed Budget
        --submitted by Donna Lee Biess

Estimated income $22,000 - based on 900 lots @ $20.00; 400 condos at $7.00; and $1,200

post office box rental.......................................$  150
newsletters........................................................... 3500
beach cleanup ...................................................... 4000
insurance............................................................... 3500
walkway cleanup.................................................. 2850
meeting hall and refreshments............................ 200
neighborhood patrol and misc. awards ............ 1000
professional services........................................... 1500
landscape reserve fund....................................... 5000
total estimated expenditures                    $22000

President's Message:
    Last year, for a change, has been relatively quiet. The board has conducted business smoothly and we have the financial stability to take on new projects for the betterment of the community. One of the best things to have happened this year was the removal of the power poles, which should be completed by the time you read this newsletter. The difference in the view is amazing. The Association is planning to host a "pole party" and we welcome ideas and help from the members of MSCA.
    There are several new projects in the works: We've begun the process of getting permission from the City to mount name signs on the block walls at the main entrances to the Shores. These signs are aimed at bringing the Shores up to standards of the neighboring developments, each of which have identifying signs on their walls. As usual the City is finding ways to block improvements while at the same time favoring taller signs at the Auto Mall and the destruction of the area's farming open space. The Association would appreciate everyone calling the Mayor and Councilmen echoing your support for this project.
    I wish to give special thanks and recognition to Brenda Ryan for her unflagging devotion to the Association's landscaping projects, and for her supervision of the walkway cleanups. Association members should be aware and thankful for the elimination of walkway chores by the individual homeowners. Thank Brenda personally when you see her. (see her message)
    We, along with our Neighborhood Council, are negotiating with the City to get funds allocated for the repair of our streets, This is also an area where a few phone calls and letters to our City officials will help get what we sorely need.
    Finally, while all Board members are running for re-election, the floor is always open for new Board members (some may be resigning during the year). Member involvement is welcome and I urge all of you to attend the next General meeting. Augie Brescia

From our Treasurer, Donna Lee Biess:
Once again, I want to thank all of you who have sent in their dues on time. Also, if you sold your property lately, or are a new owner, or have moved, please send any address changes as soon as possible. Thank you. (Note: Dues notices for 2001 will be sent out later. If you wish, you can wait till then to send in your proxy and dues.)

From our Landscape Chair, Brenda Ryan:
HALLELYA! The poles are finally coming down. Now we get to start landscaping the Harbor Blvd. frontage road. We're planning and working on an automatic sprinkler system this time. We're going to leave the good palm trees alone and trim them like the ones on the median. I'd like to see some color along the wall and have chosen Bougainvillea, Mexican sage, Lantana and Split-leaf Philodendron. I believe this will be a nice contrast, rich with color and texture. I hope you agree.

And a word from your Editor: Al Yablon
   Do to my involvement in other pursuits, Roy Caffrey, a fellow resident (he is running for the School Board), has offered to help in getting out this newsletter. There is a saying, "if you want a job done, give it to the busiest man" and I used to be the guy. But that was then, and now I'm a little too old for that. I have enough to do (ask me about it) and I welcome the help. Thanks Roy.

PLEASE VOTE -- SEND IN YOUR PROXY (even if you plan to attend)

Candidates Profiles of MSCA Directors Seeking Re-Election
Annual Meeting -- Jan. 13, 2001
Hollywood Beach School, 10:00am to noon

August Brescia   Address 5245 Wavecrest Way
    Attorney at law. I have been a member of the Board for the past two years and also served for three years earlier in the '90's. I'd like to continue to serve the community in whatever capacity I'm able to contribute my effort and expertise to make Mandalay Shores a better place to live.

Robert Chandler, MD  Address 5332 Outrigger Way
    He says, "I've been a resident of the Shores since 1980. We built our second home in 1989 after deciding that this was a great place to raise our family. I ran for the Board two years ago in order to help maintain the high quality of life that we enjoy in our community and remain committed to the goals of enforcing the architectural guidelines of our CC&Rs and the City of Oxnard."

Donna Lee   Address 5117 Terramar Way
    Retired teacher -- property owner for thirty years -- resident of Oxnard Shores for eight years and MSCA treasurer for six. She says: "I love our little community and want to be involved in any decisions to change or improve our neighborhood. I would also like to see the payment of all dues to the satisfaction of everyone."

Gordon Paravano   Address 5321 Seabreeze Way
    I've been involved in community service for the Shores for several years during which I served as past president of our Association and as a member on the neighborhood Council where I helped lobby for the undergrounding of the utilities. Also spoke before the City Council to oppose the utility fee that would have hit the Shores disproportionately high. Even though the project is progressing, my main purpose for serving on the Board, or any other committee, is to ensure that it is completed.

Brenda Ryan   Address 5011 Catamaran
    Shores resident for 11 years and Dunes property owner for seven-- served on the MSCA Board the past 3 years-- Active on Landscape Committee and neighborhood (walkways) cleanup. Expedited the landscaping of the Harbor Blvd. median and now working on the doggie walk bag dispensers along the beach. She says: "I'm relentlessly pushing for funding of new playground equipment at the Park. Working to make Mandalay Shores safe, beautiful and clean are my priorities on the Board.

Virginia Weilbacher  Address 4814 Island View
    Shores resident for 21 years. She say's, "I am in opposition to spending our HOA dues on litigation regarding construction restrictions where our CC&R's differ from the City. or other issues where the City has ultimate control. We have enough money in our treasury to fund the various worthy landscape projects. After funding the entry signs, I think we should consider reducing the amount of dues or eliminating them for a year. I would like to continue serving this community as long as I can represent your wishes."

Al Yablon   Address 5336 Sandpiper Way
    Attorney, Builder/Developer (retired) and World War II Veteran. Present Editor of this newsletter. He says: "I am the senior member of the Board, in age and number of years served (but not consecutively). I would like to ensure, to the best of my ability, that the Board enforces the un-ambiguous provisions in our CC&R's. That's why I've chosen to also be on the Architectural Committee, in addition to supporting other MSCA activities that I deem worthwhile and a benefit to the Community."

Dear Property Owner,
    Enclosed is your proxy. Please take time to fill it out now, even if you are planning to attend the meeting. You can always ask for the proxy back when you register at the meeting. On the other hand, if something prevents your attendance, your vote will still count.
    By checking the first box, you enable the MSCA Election Committee to vote their choices on your behalf. The profiles of the candidates supported by the Election Committee are offered here. While there are seven Board positions, we think three should be made available for candidates wishing to run, but are not presently known to the Election Committee.
    By checking the second box, you need to write in the person's name voting in your absence at the January 9, 1999 Annual Meeting.
    There are seven votes available for each parcel (lot + building) or lot you own. If there is more than one non-related owner per parcel or lot, these owners' votes will be counted together and the top seven candidates will be the choice of that parcel or lot. An example of this might be a 15 unit condo building on three lots. The condo owners are entitled to 21 votes (3 lots times 7 votes). Each of the 15 units is asked to cast even votes for a total of 105 votes. From this, the top seven candidates receive the condo's 21 votes. Owners of a vacant lot or lots, or a single family residence should decide among themselves how to cast their seven votes.
    These seven votes per parcel, or lot can be cast for as few as one candidate or as many as seven candidates. You or anyone representing you or anyone representing you in the voting can cast seven votes per parcel or lot for one candidate or divide them between or among two, three.., up to seven candidates. However, a candidate of your choice cannot receive less than one vote; a fraction of a vote is not valid.
    For your proxy to count, it must be dated, signed and mailed. You will receive one proxy and on it please list all the parcels you own. Please fill only the proxy you receive from the Association and no others.
    We hope to answer questions raised by property owners. If you agree with our direction, please support us by checking the first box.