Newsletter, January 25, 2001 from R. Bodine Elias.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001 from the New Board of Directors for your Neighborhood Council

      Bodine Elias 985-2121       Mary Snider 985-3277

      Marry Peters 984-8183      Wally Meisen 985-0967

      Berry SturgeIl 985-2436      John Kendig 985-8174

      Phyllis Villarreal, Night Patrol/Neighborhood Watch 984-2148

      Bob Fargo, O.S. Mobile home Park Representative    815-4807

    About 45 neighbors went to City Hall to thank the City Council personally for their commitment to O.S. in having allocated $3.2M+ to our neighborhood.

    A committee will be formed to review the City Budget and-priority list for infrastructure repairs to determine where we fit in. Because of the scope of this undertaking, we will appreciate anyone with Municipal planning expertise, Budget and Accounting wizards to assist us. Volunteers should leave word at 985-2121 and expect an organizational meeting in February.

    50 vehicles had from 1 to 4 tires slashed on Jan 5. This follows vandalism of mailboxes, landscaping, fencing, etc. on Oct. 30. Periodically, we encounter bad seeds who move into our area but as in the past, WE WON'T SIT BACK AND TAKE IT! Our HOA will offer a reward which should be delivered door-to-door and posted at all apartment buildings to put all on notice that parents are responsible for $$$ damage by under age vandals and the 18+ can go to jail.

    8 res. burglaries, 14 vehicular burglaries, 3 vehicle theft + vandalism above. On the beach or park: 4 indecent exposure, 1 robbery and 1 assault (previously acquainted).

    'The Lady Washington & The Hawaiian Chieftain' at Channel Islands Harbor Feb. 15-25. MARITIME MUSEUM got $25K grant for educational program-American & World Maritime History Carnegie Art Museum seeking volunteers for docents- 385-8171 .

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant to Ox Pub Library for 46 public access computers .

Oxnard's Manuel Herrera was selected from 5000 for ABC's new program THE MOLE

Oxnard's Mieheile Seros recognized by Newsweek in Women to Watch in the new century along with Oprah. Her witty book How to be a Chicana Role Model.

Ventura county air quality -Only ONE DAY exceeded federal ozone standards .....

CA Neuroscience Institute opened at St John's Med. Center in partnership w/Radiation -Oncology Center 800-1000 NEW JOBS were created in Ox in 2000 by Raypak Mfg, Seminis Seed & Robins AutoTop

Ox Fire Dept maintains Class 2 rating- THE BEST IN THE COUNTY

2nd golf course at River Ridge featuring full spectrum housing recognized by HUD, Andrew Cuomo Ground breaking planned for new ESPLANADE MALL with bigger Home Depot as anchor

County talking to NY based owners of Casa Sirena Hotel/Lobster Trap Restaurant to undergo major remodel & be run by a national chain in exchange for long-term lease of waterfront apartments it owns

 AMERICA'S CUP 80-member team to train at Ventura Harbor for 2003 competition in New Zealand. Harbor will be dredged 16 ft to accommodate big, racing yachts

 Del Notre Recyling Center 278-8200 accepts washer-dryers, micros, computers, t.v.'s, bikes, fax rnach. Solid waste has been reduced 66% far exceeding State requirement

Bodine Elias, Chair 985-2121

1080 Mandalay Beach Rd, Oxnard Shores, CA 93035, 805-985-2121 tel, 805-382-1258 fax