Morris Heldt: Author's Biography

Morris Heldt, the son of Madeline and Earl C. Heldt Sr., was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana. He graduated from Evansville Bosse High School and then attended Indiana State University before entering the military where he served in the 96th Combat Support Squadron during the Viet Nam War. After his military service he completed his education at UCLA in Los Angeles, California while also pursuing a career in acting. It was during this period he met his wife, Sue Pam, and settled down and began to raise a family.
     With his wife's encouragement, in the 1970s, Morris switched his attention to writing and producing. Morris produced an award winning documentary, as well as theatrical comedy shorts, and a weekly CATV syndicated one-hour comedy/variety television show.
     In the 1980s Morris moved his family from Los Angeles to Mandalay Shores, California in Ventura County. Mandalay Shores is a beach community located on the ocean about twenty miles north of Malibu, Ca. It was at this time he began to just concentrate on writing. He met and became writing partners with another Ventura County resident, writer/actor, William Lucking, (one of the stars of the CBS television series, The Outlaws). In a period of three years Morris and Lucking wrote seven original screenplays . . . and optioned several of them to production companies. They also wrote scripts for CBS television network's Evening Shade and The Outlaws.
     In addition Morris also wrote a weekly personality profile column for a newspaper. He would interview celebrity actors, directors, producers and musicians, who lived in the Ventura Country area.
     In the 1990s Morris became a script doctor, reworking, adding to, and deleting dialogue and scenes from original screenplays. In 1997 he was contracted by Kepi Enterprises to rewrite the screenplay, Quiet Desperation. He also, for Kepi Enterprises, wrote the biography on the actor, Phillip Pine, (to be published in late 1999). Morris says about Mr. Pine, "He is one of those actors that everyone says, I know who you are."
     In writing about Mr. Pine's life Morris writes extensively about his roommate, and co-star in the stage play, See the Jaguar, actor James Dean.
     "Mr. Pine was not only a fine stage actor, headlining on Broadway, but also worked in many television shows and movies," Morris has stated about Mr. Pine. In Pine's biography Morris writes about one of Pine's character, Colonel Green, from one of the original Star Trek episodes.
     Morris also wrote a short book on Mr. Pine's experience doing the Star Trek series, which is sold at the Star Trek conventions. In late 1997 Morris wrote his first novel, Hollywood Syrup (Published by Mopam Publishing 1998 and available at all your major Internet bookstores). Recently Morris just completed another novel, Deadly Ambition, also available at your major bookstores.
     Morris continues to write and live with his wife, Sue Pam, in Mandalay Shores, CA.